Management By Objectives

Language: English

Instructors: Dr. Jerry Dotson

Why this course?


“Management By Objectives” is a method for conducting Christian ministry in an orderly, effective manner. It is not enough to just know God’s will for your life and ministry. You must make definite plans to fulfill your spiritual calling. You must learn to work with God to fulfill His purpose and plans.

A serious problem with many Christian leaders is that of organizing and managing spiritual resources God has given them. If laborers for spiritual harvest are few, as the Bible indicates, then they should be effectively organized and managed.

The discipline of organized planning for ministry in no way restricts the freedom of the Holy Spirit. It makes you even more sensitive because you make a conscious decision to seek God’s purpose and plans. Your faith helps execute God’s plan, as God always responds to faith in action. 

This course will help you fulfill the ministry to which God has called you. You will formulate a purpose for ministry in harmony with God’s purpose and plans. You will learn how to set objectives, implement plans, and evaluate results.

The Appendix of this study contains examples to assist you in practical organization of ministry within the local church fellowship.

This course is third in a series of three in the “Organizing Module” of training offered by Harvestime International Network. “Biblical Management Principles” and “Environmental Analysis” both precede this course.

It is recommended that these three courses be studied in their suggested order for proper understanding of leadership, planning, and organization necessary for effective ministry.

Before making plans you need to know Biblical principles for management. You also should have analyzed the environment in which you are ministering. This course assumes you have knowledge of “Biblical Management Principles” and “Environmental Analysis.”

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